Government shutdown

I am finding this whole government shutdown thing quite irksome. I consider myself to be pretty much apolitical. But recent events actually caused me to send a letter to our Congressmen. I felt silly after I sent it and learned from my husband that only the president can be impeached, congressmen get recalled. Oh well. I still got to vent.
My husband was designated as essential personnel and has been faithfully going to work with no idea if he is going to get paid or not. We find out Friday. I told my husband I have no plan for if he doesn’t get paid, we may have to “shutdown the house”. No laundry, no cooking, cleaning. I thought it was pretty clever.
Busy getting ready for my son’s 6th birthday and eating uber-healthy for 30 days. More about that in my next post.
Here is the letter I sent:

Dear Members of Congress,
I have not written sooner because I honestly don’t know where to start. I am quite certain I am not the only person in this country who is thinking impeachment for all of Congress. What you are doing may not be technically illegal, but it certainly is criminal. In the real world people who fail to do their jobs get fired. And they get fired right away. I highly encourage you to forget partisan politics, stop quibbling and DO YOUR JOB. You can do all the finger pointing you like but the bottom line is YOU have created this mess. YOU are still getting a paycheck; YOU don’t have to worry about what to do in a few weeks if still no money is coming in.
My husband and I are both retired from the military. Currently my husband is a GS employee for the Air Force. I am a stay at home Mom. We know we are one of the lucky ones. We can survive a short-term financial nightmare though it will have long term impacts on our retirement plans.
But why do we have to deal with the stress and negative financial impact because of your incompetence? I was quite horrified when Congress went on break without truly resolving the issue. The fact that you have shut down a huge part of the entire government is unbelievable, compounded by the fact that it is over a bill that has already been enacted!
I’ll say it again, DO YOUR JOB. Pass a budget, deal with the debt ceiling and put healthcare on the back burner for now. You have wasted months and are now endangering the welfare of an entire country. Enough is enough.

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