last blog

I am writing to let you know this will be my last BLOG for a while. My mantra has always been “women can have it all, they just can’t have it all at once.” The first part of my adult life was the military, now I am in the motherhood phase. I hope the next phase is when I will be a writer, or at least someone who writes.

I thought I could get a bit of a head start this year on the writing now that my son is in kindergarten. He only goes half day (3 hours) and one day a week is early release (2 hours). I started the school year with a good plan (that did not include a blog) and everything worked great until life got busy. There is a lot going on this time of year, camping trips, birthdays and all those lovely holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At first I thought I would just miss a week or two on the blog while we celebrate my son’s 6th birthday, go on a 5-day camping trip and finish up our healthy eating experiment. But after thinking about my priorities I realized this blog wasn’t part of them. Writing this blog takes more time than I thought. My son needs lots of me right now. I want to spend our afternoons together doing homework and playing games and going hiking in the cooler weather. I miss working on my ‘shitty first draft’ of a novel.

Next year, when he is in school full day I will make another plan and maybe it will include re-starting this blog and maybe it won’t. Time will tell.

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