Am I back?

So I have decided to try writing a blog again. Having read a variety of blogs these past few months I am thinking there is a lot of extremism out there. People trying to spend zero dollars for Christmas, people living in 100 sq ft houses, people eating very limited diets. Minimalists to the maximum. I don’t want to get extreme in any one area of my life.
I have been doing lots of thinking about how I do want to live my life, what changes will make me happier and who I want to be. I have decided maybe it is time to try a little across the board moderation.
Here’s the thing, focusing on being a stay at home Mom has been making me feel a little nuts. So things have to change. I have to change. And I have to accept what I cannot change.

So with these thoughts in mind I have made a list of pursuits for 2015:
1. Write every day.
2. Spend out, don’t be afraid to use things.
3. Play before work at least 50% of the time (mostly in regards to time with my son)
4. Take 5 minutes everyday to JUST SIT, outside or looking out the window.

I am going to continue with small changes to be healthier: yoga, walking, avoiding artificial flavors and colors in foods, visit the farmer’s market more often. I am also going to continue the purge project I started last year. I want everything I own to fit comfortably inside the house. I want to be able to find things when I need them.
What am I not going to do this year? Focus on keeping the house uber clean. Feel like I have to get everything done right now. I am going to let myself do what makes me happy and not worry about what anyone else thinks of it. Especially you. Go live your own life the best way you can. And enjoy every minute you can.

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