Football and food

Off and on over the years I have been a fan of watching Sunday afternoon football. In the mid 80’s I cheered for the Washington Redskins  until the owner, Jack Kent Cook died. I found the new owner, um let’s say unlikable. I didn’t bother to find a new team as I started a period of crazy work schedules, deployments, re-locations and a busy life in general. But then things settled down and I found myself a fan of Peyton Manning.  First with the Colts and now with the Broncos.

For Superbowls my husband and I always pick opposite teams to root for. We also try and make some sort of food that reflects the region of the team we are pulling for. I think our best year was Ravens vs 49ers. I went with the Ravens and made crab cakes and hubby went with San Francisco and made Rice-a-Roni.  And of course the Ravens won.  (Notice how I am not talking about last year?  That was a tough Superbowl for a Broncos fan to watch.)

I am still a Broncos fan and I decided if both Seattle and New England won I would not be watching the Superbowl.  I am sure other Bronco fans get this.  Alas,  I will not be watching the Superbowl this year despite my fervent support for Green Bay and and Indy.   But I had a funny feeling that would happen, despite Green Bay getting my hopes up through 56 minutes of play.  Lucky for me I decided to do the annual food and football for the Championship games instead of the Superbowl this year.

With four teams I decided to go with a generic stadium-ish foods theme for Sunday dinner. In retrospect it wasn’t very healthy, though less un-healthy than if we had really gotten the same items at a stadium.  And it was fun saying to my 7-year old, “let’s go see what they have at the concession stands”  and heading for the kitchen.  At half time of the Green Bay game we had “nachos”.  What we really had:  tortilla chips with salsa and avocado.  After the first game we had dinner: hot dogs and popcorn and fresh squeezed lemonade.  The lemonade was seriously fresh, I picked the lemons that morning from our own tree and squeezed them myself.  We popped the corn in olive oil and added a little real butter and sea salt, crazy good.  I probably should have added some carrot sticks, but who eats carrots at a stadium?  And we finished up with homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Since they weren’t as large as the one’s we have seen at other sporting events, we each ate two.

Despite all the game heartbreak at least we continued the football food fest one more year. No salmon, baked beans or Boston cream pie for this girl this year.  Maybe we’ll take a picnic and go for a hike on Superbowl Sunday.

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