A rough night for the tooth fairy

My son finally lost his second front tooth.  I had been hoping for gap toothed Christmas smiles but it was not meant to be.  As he got ready for bed I reminded him to put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy.  He looked right at me and said, “I think parents are the tooth fairy.”  I responded with, “if you want money for the tooth you need to believe a little longer.”  He was okay with that.

He has had a bit of a cold and after he got done with the “Jack in the Box” portion of the evening (where he keeps getting out of bed and coming into my room for a) one more hug,  b) one more kiss,  c) one more thing he has to tell me, d) one more question he has to ask (typically something I can’t answer like: how does electricity work?)  I laid in bed reading and listening to him cough, despite the medicine I gave him at bedtime.  Finally at 9:00p I got up and started looking for the gold $1 coins the tooth fairy has been leaving him.  I finally found them in my office on a top shelf and I had 2 left.  I put the coin in this odd little pocket on the sleeve of my pajama top and climbed back into bed.  Fifteen minutes later I was asleep.

Luckily I woke up around 2:00a and remembered the tooth fairy.  Of course the coin had come out of the pocket.  There I am in the pitch dark feeling all around for one small coin.  I gave up and turned the light on, found the coin (under the pillow) and turned the light back out.  Now I really can’t see.  I stumble into my son’s room, understanding dawning as to why he picked up the floor of his room earlier and stretch my hand out toward the pillow and right into his face.  Yikes!  Fortunately he didn’t wake up and I eased the coin under the pillow and even found the tooth.  (For the first few teeth he lost we left a note for the tooth fairy asking her to leave the tooth for Mom so I didn’t have to search for it.  Those teeth are tiny!)

Mission accomplished.  Only now I have to pee.  Still leaving the lights off I use my son’s bathroom.  Only to discover there is no toilet paper.  After um, drip drying  I scramble around in the linen closet and find a roll.  Back in bed I am now wide awake.  About two hours later I finally fall asleep.

My son already has another loose tooth.  I think when this one comes out I will just give him the last gold coin and call the tooth fairy done.

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