Cinnamon and chili powder

Day before yesterday I made a pot of chili and my son and I made a pumpkin pie. I am always afraid that one day I will mistake the chili powder for cinnamon (or vice versa). Luckily yesterday was not the day for that to happen. Phew.
I made chili because while it was warm here it was rainy. I imagined I felt cold since I kept watching the weather channel for pictures of the snow. I pretended I was back East and I wanted a meal I could easily reheat on the gas stove if the power went out. Pumpkin pie seemed like something they would eat during a blizzard in the Ingall’s household (Little House on the Prairie): filling, somewhat nutritious and needs no heating.
I miss having weather. My heart is back East right now with the snow and the cold and the hunkering down.  I miss hunkering down.  The forecast is for 50’s and rain on Friday here in the southwest.  Sounds like hunkering down weather to me.  I am thinking homemade tomato soup, popcorn and BLT’s.  Maybe we will watch the animated movie “Alice in Wonderland” I DVR’d awhile ago.  Maybe we will play Sorry or one of our many other board games.  Maybe we will just cuddle up and watch the rain fall.  But we will definitely hunker down in some fashion!

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