Coloring outside the lines

I am a rule follower which makes sense when you join the military at age 17. But now that I am older I am finally beginning to loosen up a little. I can deviate from a recipe a bit, modify rules for playing board games that my son isn’t quite ready for (like LIFE) and ignore (guilt free) the beseeching requests to help with the Book Fair at school.

A few months ago I bought a kit to make a winter wreath for the front door. The house always looks so bare after Christmas but I am not ready to put up Valentine decorations until February. Over time I have acquired a few wintery decorations but I hadn’t found anything for the front door.

Here is a picture from the kit:


Once I opened it I realized I was not in the mood to do a running stitch around a gazillion felt circles and put it away again. A few weeks later I took it back out and read all the directions. Still not feeling it, plus I didn’t love all the red on red. The next day I looked at it again. What did I love about it? The mittens. I improvised it into the wreath pictured below:




Most of the extra materials I already had on hand. I wrapped the wreath form with a silvery yarn I really liked. I had bought it for a needlepoint project but it didn’t work. (The little sequins wouldn’t fit through the canvas.) Then I made a bunch of mittens out of felt I had leftover from other projects. I wanted the colors to look like winter but not specific to Christmas or Valentine’s Day. After I had made a few I realized I wasn’t making pairs of mittens and I didn’t want to make a second set of matching mittens. I liked making each mitten unique. I started thinking of it as the ‘Lost Mittens’ wreath and thus the sign was born. The bow at the top I made following the directions in the kit, simply substituting white floss for the black.  And voila:  an unique winter wreath for the front door that I quite enjoyed making.  Score one for following my own path!

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