Day 1 – Day 2 1/2

Luckily I decided to do the 30 days of healthy eating right before I went to the grocery store so I was able to do some thoughtful meal planning. I just forgot about breakfast on day 1. I improvised with the last hard boiled egg, a packet of tuna in olive oil w/jalapenos and some celery.
I  had a few rough moments. For Valentine’s Day I had gotten a box of Dove dark chocolate truffles and there were a few left. I put them in a plastic bag and placed them with the rest of my chocolate stash (dark chocolate covered almonds). Out of sight, out of mind. Seriously. I had forgotten about the almonds. I keep a little chocolate hidden for PMS days and I can go weeks without touching it. If I didn’t hide it my husband and son would eat it and I would have nothing for the bad days.

So far I have been doing very well.  I fought snacking on day one with some raisins, cashews and olives.  I stood firm against eating a  roll with my yummy soup for dinner.  (The soup was a homemade chicken vegetable with ‘zoodles’).  Day 2 I dealt with a headache and feeling a tad depressed by watching the two episodes of “Downton Abbey” I had on the DVR and thoroughly enjoyed them both.  I also treated myself to Chipotle  for lunch after picking up a few items at Trader Joe’s which is right next to Chipotle’s.  This morning I improved on the Indian Curry Mix I made for lunch on Day 1.  It is ground beef with chopped up cauliflower, grated carrot, curry powder and a little coconut milk.  It tasted okay for one meal but I (as planned) had a lot left.  I ate some for breakfast yesterday and it was still just okay.  This morning I doctored it up with a little more coconut milk and added a few raisins and unsweetened coconut chips.  Better but still  not my favorite.  I will be glad when it is gone.

Not sure about lunch today.  Either tuna in olive oil with a little homemade mayo and fresh tomato or sauteed spinach with fried eggs.  We’ll see what I am in the mood for. Dinner is salmon and roasted yams and asparagus.

My shoulder is quite sore today, maybe from the humidity?  Still asleep by 9:00p each night. I think I had such a tough time with day 1 because I woke up thinking I should already feel better.  I seemed to have forgotten it is going to take a few weeks to detox the body.  Silly me!

I am still feeling strong that I can do this.  I am reading the Whole 30 website each day.  Even though I am only doing a pseudo-  Whole 30 the timeline is still applicable and it gives me an idea of what to expect on how to feel.  I also use the recipe ideas and gain inspiration from other people’s stories.  I need to keep plugging away, one day, one meal at a time.



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