The first weekend of healthy eating

Saturday, Day 4: Homesick for winter, which is easy when it is warm and sunny where you are. A little depressed and crabby, lethargic. But I decided to quit torturing myself and turned off the Weather Channel and took the dog for a long walk. Then I treated myself to a dinner of tuna with a little homemade mayo, half an avocado and a sliced tomato. I couldn’t face the Indian Curry for a 4th straight day. Thought about making some popcorn (popped in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt) but I honestly wasn’t hungry.  I watched “Gone Girl” which really held my attention and didn’t feel the need to nosh on anything during the movie.  I surprised myself by not snacking at all for a full day.  Yeah me!

On Sunday I washed and waxed my car, ate well and had a greek yogurt for an afternoon snack, but that was the only snack I had. And I finally finished the Indian Curry.

Also on Sunday my husband announced he too was going to be eating healthy.  This is not a good thing, at least for me.  I had very deliberately not told him about my doing a “Whole 30” -ish 30 days.  When my husband did the “Whole 30” the last 2 times with me he ate 2 to 3 times his normal amount of protein and sweet potatoes and yams.  He ate a token bite or two of other vegetables and filled in his diet with copious amounts of fruit, nuts, raisins and Luna Bars.  I would come down in the morning to find all the yams or sweet potatoes and meat gone leaving me with brussel sprouts and cauliflower for breakfast.  I found myself eating a lot of sauteed spinach and eggs which got old after a week.

This round of healthy eating is going so much better than tries in the past and I don’t want the hubby wrecking it.  Cooking more of something isn’t a good option, he’ll just eat more if it is something he really likes.  He won’t cook for himself.  I suppose I will just have to tell him what things he can’t eat, that I have them earmarked for my meals.  (This may or may not work as he can conveniently forget  when he makes his lunch.  He has to be at work really early and leaves the house before I get up.)

In summary:  today is Day 7.  I have stopped the mindless snacking and eating when not hungry.  My sugar intake is waaaay down.  I decided to use the greek yogurt for a snack or dessert instead of breakfast and I have only eaten one.  I am feeling much more positive this go around as I am doing a lot less cooking and hence a lot fewer dishes and spending less time in the kitchen where all the food is!  For example (besides the Indian Curry day after day) on Monday I fried up some all natural breakfast sausage, nuked a yam and mixed together.  I had enough for lunch yesterday and breakfast today and tomorrow.  I added some roasted brussel sprouts left over from dinner too. I can make one dish and it will last for 3 or 4 meals making healthy eating much easier.  On the negative side I have not been sleeping well and I am very tired. In the “Whole 30” fatigue is expected around day 6 or 7  possibly exaggerating my tiredness,  so hopefully this phase will pass soon.

Tomorrow is food prep day for a long weekend camping trip.  I have once again been having problems figuring out what to do about breakfast.  It will have to be something I can reheat or cook on the stovetop so I am kicking a few ideas around.  As for the hubby, I will cook some extra yams and sweet potatoes and split them up evenly.  This way he can eat all his in one sitting and I can divvy mine up and not have to worry that they will still be there when I am ready to eat them. Same with turkey tenderloins.  There are two in the package, I will roast them both and we each get our own.  It seems silly to have to do things this way but I have learned from the past.  If I am to be successful in my healthy eating endeavour I need to ensure I have control over my food.  And I don’t think my husband is really trying too hard to be healthier anyway, yesterday he finished off a large chocolate bar his Dad sent him for Valentine’s day.


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