A Week Off

Our camping trip went really well, my healthy eating has had a few hiccups but I am working on getting back on track now that I am officially done with my vacation.
When we got back from our camping trip I was feeling a little run down and a lot discontent. I have this illogical theory that the reason I feel so tired all the time is not because of my thyroid but because I have no winter hibernation anymore. When the rest of the country spends Jan, Feb and Mar inside as much as possible here in the desert we have to get outside and enjoy the lack of heat. But when summer comes and we should stay inside as much as possible it seems too odd to stay indoors. It is summer! School is out! We stay in the pool for hours and look for shade everywhere we go.
I know this is crazy but I decided to give myself a week of winter, though I didn’t truly hibernate. I still cooked dinner and cleaned up a bit and did laundry, but while my son was in school I also curled up on the couch under an afghan and watched movies. We seldom turn our heat on so the house was around 65 degrees during the day so I really did need the afghan. I watched “The English Patient”, “Avalon” and “The Cider House Rules”. All rather dark, heavy movies that perfectly suited my mood.
In a nod to that break of winter weather day that happens every so often I ventured out of the house to spruce up my summer wardrobe. It was crazy pleasant to browse around the Goodwill sans small child and be able to try on as many items as I wanted. Ditto for the library, leisurely strolling through the stacks of books and stopping whenever an interesting title caught my eye.


Now it is back to reality.  I am still feeling a bit discontent.  I spent 2 hours cleaning my son’s play area yesterday, a task we normally do together but I didn’t feel up to the hassle.   I just wanted it done and doing it alone makes it easier to throw all the garbage away.  Today I will tackle his bedroom and try to stop imagining me packing up my car and running away.

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