Two random things



(I wrote the first draft of this post a week before leaving on vacation with the intention of polishing and posting the day before I left.  I was so crazy busy that I completely forgot to do it!)



I have read several blogs where people wrote “30 things to do before turning 30” type lists. With the big 5-0 coming up next year I wondered if I should make such a to-do list. Thirty seconds later I realized I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself. And that 50 was a lot of things to accomplish in one year. I did like the concept though and used it as a springboard to make a list of things to do if I feel bored or stuck or simply discontent with life. I didn’t strive for a set number of activities but simply wrote down anything that appealed to me. Then I re-wrote it onto a plain piece of drawing paper. I put a little box next to each item so I can check it off when done. I decorated the page with stickers and used colored pencils to add a little more color. And then I sat back and smiled, feeling better already about the future, knowing I have a plan for the next time a case of the blahs kick in.

We have a hummingbird using our clothesline as a maternity ward!  This means we are very quietly opening the back patio door and hugging the wall of the house when we go out back.  I guess I won’t be hanging any clothes on the clothesline for a few weeks but I am okay with that.


Here is the nest, tiny but deep.



So you can get a perspective of where she actually built it.



Two little eggs the size of jelly beans.  It was hard to see them or get a picture because the nest is so deep and is near the top of the patio roof beam.


The alert Mama protecting her eggs.


Can you see the Mama watching me from a nearby tree? (She is right in the middle.)

I try to only go outside when she is already away from her nest.  I took the pictures of the eggs in the evening when I imagine she was out looking for some dinner.  The only time she has seemed perturbed with me was early in the week when I was outside too long bringing in laundry.   She was fine when I hung the laundry out though I left her a bit of space at the end of the clothesline. This was before I realized she had actually laid some eggs.

Next week we will be away so she should have the peace and quiet an imminent mother needs.  Hopefully the week after that the eggs will hatch and we’ll get to see the teeny tiny baby birds without losing an eye to a defensive hummingbird!

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