Treadmill computer desk


Here is my treadmill desk before the makeover:



I don’t know why it looks so tilty, it never felt tilted.



A few years ago I created this sort of treadmill desk and I love it. I found the idea on the internet and adapted a few different designs together to fit my treadmill. I originally tried using just the SurfShelf but it was too high for me to type comfortably .  So I bought a piece of  styrofoam insulation board and cut it into pieces with a box cutter.   I stacked them up, added 2 door stops to compensate for the slope of the treadmill handles and that made the ‘desk’ portion for my wireless keyboard and mouse.

I use it quite a bit. There is no guilt browsing blog sites or Pinterest when you are also getting your ten thousand steps a day in.   I also find it helpful sometimes to walk while I am writing, helps my brain focus.  While the desk works well it wasn’t very attractive.  I had considered painting it or covering it with contact paper but never got around to it.  Then I was looking for fabric to make a curtain for our trailer when I found his material:


I really liked it but what could I use it for?  Aha, the treadmill desk.

It was so easy. I used a hot glue gun to attach the layers of styrofoam together and then covered the joined layers with the material. I still have two separate pieces with two door stops in between to adjust for the slope of the treadmill handles. My laptop still sits on the SurfShelf. I can reach the treadmill controls underneath the SurfShelf.
The material is flannel and provides enough friction that nothing is sliding around but the mouse still works great on the soft flannel surface.  Gluing the pieces together stopped  minor squeaking too.


IMG_6289 IMG_6291




Yes, I did write this entire post while walking on my treadmill.

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