Summer sunshine in the Southwest

I love the really big windows in my house, especially the ones with arched tops. Two of those windows face North including the living room one. I love being able to see the mountains out of the top of the window and I leave it uncovered year round.
The arched windows that face East (master bath) and West (dining room)  let in a little too much sun in the summer.  For the bathroom I made a simple curtain that I hung from small screw in hooks. I made a template out of newspaper and lined the material to provide extra sun blockage. Fact: I really don’t know how to sew. But the curtain turned out usable and not many people see the master bath anyway.


My Spring look.  In the fall I put up an autumn leaf garland and in the winter a frosted pine garland.



The curtains do an excellent job of blocking the direct sun but we still get enough light.


The dining room has presented a much bigger challenge. First, It is a space people see and second the top of the window is really high. Too high for the ladder we have. I needed something that would be easy to remove in the winter and re-install in the spring. So I did what most people do and did nothing, until this year.


The West facing dining room window.


I came up with the idea to paint a triptych. I can reach the bottom of the arch shaped window and it is easy enough to set the panels on the fairly wide ledge. There was only one problem, I can not paint.
Despite a complete lack of artistic talent I actually enjoy painting.  It is one of those tasks that puts me in a Zen mode, I can completely lose myself while painting.  I used to paint geometric designs or doodles.   I haven’t  painted since having my son.  Paint and toddlers and Zen modes don’t mix.  But now we have school days and an office where I can close the door.  It was time to break out the old paints!

I was happily surprised to find most of my acrylic paints were still usable.  I had three long canvas panels stashed behind the desk and they fit the window space perfectly. A sign I thought!  I trolled around on Pinterest for awhile looking for ideas.  This is what I came up with, part my own imagination, part what  I saw on the internet:



It supposed to be the sky on the left (think), flowers in the middle (explore) and grass on the right (feast).  


I have to confess, I loved the creative process.  It was so soothing, I love the colors and the simplicity of  using just circles.  Halfway through I decided I wanted to add some words using a stencil and a gold sharpie.  I spent a long time thinking about what three words to use.  I didn’t want to be too trite, yet I wanted something to reflect what I think sums up  a good life.  Think, Explore, Feast are what made the final cut with the first runner up being Rest.  I am very happy with the idea but I think I needed a bigger stencil and now I sort of wish I had staggered the letters across the canvas.  Oh well.


The finished project.



This shows how much shade they provide.


I am still not da Vinci but I had a very pleasant week painting.  I created more shade in the dining room, the project was inexpensive  (I had everything I needed on hand)  and actually doing the project was very relaxing.  An all around win.

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