Spring Fever?

The weather has continued to be very strange. We had rain on Monday and temps are back in the 80’s so I have turned the a/c off.
I woke up Tuesday in no mood for the normal routine. The routine is starting to feel like a rut. This really doesn’t make sense as I have been doing lots of different projects lately. In addition to making my triptych and organizing my closet I sewed a pair of curtain panels for our trailer. So I have no idea what the problem is.  Spring Fever?
I need to find someplace new to walk the dog. I have gotten rather bored with all the nearby little neighborhoods. Much of the urban desert southwest all looks the same.  Same houses, same landscaping, mountains in the background. I need to find some new, nearby places to explore.

After getting my son to school I decided to do whatever came to mind.  I washed my two pair of older sneakers (it didn’t help much) and hung a load of laundry outside.  I made a pitcher of iced tea and a batch of hard boiled eggs.  Then I walked the dog around the block.  It may be boring to me but he seems able to find lots of interesting smells.  Then I decided to hop on the treadmill and read blogs and write my own.  As tempted as I was to sit on the couch watching tv and eating ice cream I know how much this walking contributes to a good night sleep.

Next I cleaned out the desk drawers, an item on my declutter list for this year. Accomplishing that task felt pretty good.  Then I took the rest of the homemade bread that was getting stale and turned it into croutons.

Wednesday morning after walking the dog I washed my car.  Another overdue task I can now check off.  I have pretty much decided to throw my routine out the window until the end of the school year when a new routine will be created.  I am rather enjoying doing random tasks and not knowing what I will be doing the next day.  Plus the house is getting really clean.  Only 10 more school days!

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