The comfort of finding a church

After a long, arduous search I feel I have finally found a church home.  It took quite a few Sunday mornings sitting in various denominations of  churches feeling awkward and out of place but I persevered and succeeded.

Back in Sept 2013 I  wrote a blog post (traceyr1984’s blog)   about the search. Since then I have continued trying out different churches and none of them fit quite right.

Frankly I was getting tired of feeling awkwardly out of place on Sunday mornings and running out of relatively nearby churches to visit. There was one more church, Lutheran,  nearby and I decided I had nothing to lose.

For me I have always thought the Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist churches all seem pretty similar.  Sort of like Mexican food: same ingredients,  just put together in different ways.  It made sense to visit the Lutheran’s.  My husband’s family is Lutheran and some of my Aunts and Uncles are too.   I drive by this church all the time, it is less than 10 minutes from my house.

So why did it take me so long to check it out?  It is a really weird reason.  A long time ago I saw on their message board that the Mayor was going to speak at a Sunday service.  For some unknown reason this struck me as odd.  Honestly, I cannot explain it.  I told myself to get over it and check it out.  And I did.  And I am glad.

For once I didn’t feel awkward or like an intruder.  I was comfortable being there and when I left I felt comforted.  On the drive home I felt a huge sense of relief.  The search was over!  But what if it was a fluke?  I deflated a bit and vowed to return the following week.  Having now been going for six weeks  I am pleased to report it was not a fluke.

I was a little nervous when they did the switch from the two service winter schedule to the one service summer schedule, two weeks ago but I survived.  The music is different for the two services but not very.  One is organ and one is piano.  They alternate service types for the summer.  I felt relief that electric guitars and steel drums were not involved.

The Pastor suits me.  He is unassuming, your favorite cardigan sweater on a gray day.  I find his sermons simple and comforting somehow.   They make you think,  but not in an ‘in your face’ kind of way.

One of the  church’s volunteer projects is to  provide and serve a meal to a homeless shelter once a month.  I signed up for a dessert this month.  It feels good to find a way to help that I am comfortable with.  I am hoping to provide something most months and get my son to help.  It will be good for both of us to remember all we have while filling the stomachs of those less fortunate.

I am not sure why after all these years I felt the need to find a church home but it feels right in my heart.  Now I have cookies to bake….snickerdoodles that will hopefully provide some men in a shelter a small moment of comfort the same way finding a church has brought a feeling of comfort to me.


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