Last day of school!

Honestly I am pretty happy school is over.  I am ready for the freedom summer brings.

I thought about how I wanted to spend my last few days of alone time and really there wasn’t much I wanted to do.  I did enjoy a last leisurely shopping trip to Target.  I went primarily to get a gift for E’s teacher but it was nice to just browse around and pick up a few odd items.

I bought some of those removable decals, one set of the Eiffel tower to decorate my closet doors and some glow in the dark stars and moons for my son’s ceiling.  I hope they stick okay since the ceiling has a slight texture to it.  I put up enough to surprise him tonight and if they seem to be sticking okay we can add more together.  I also got an oversize badminton set which I hid in the back yard.  I decided to get the oversized set so I would a have a fighting chance to return the birdie once in awhile.

I also picked up a new eyeshadow.  It is such a small thing, I don’t wear much makeup, especially in the summer when we are swimming all the time but I saw this group of colors that I really loved and I went for it.  I can’t remember the last time I bought eyeshadow and for some reason this tiny treat felt like quite the, well treat.

Tonight for dinner we are having ice cream and cake with chicken nachos for dessert.  I think I am more excited about the start of summer vacation then my son is but I am sure he will get over it!

A simple wacky cake

I made a chocolate wacky cake, iced it with leftover vanilla frosting and sprinkled chocolate chips on top so the cake matched the chocolate chip ice cream we had with it.

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