Road Trip Survival

Two of our three summer trips are now past.  The first trip was to San Diego and was marvelous.  I enjoyed everything about it.  Our second trip was to visit my in-laws.  The trip went exactly how I expected it to.

Let me back up a step.  For a few weeks I had increased my thyroid dosage but then I used up all those pills.  I was nervous about increasing it any further without visiting my doctor so I went back to my prescribed dose a few days before the in-law trip.  I was nervous about being really irritable and tired.

The drive to my in-laws is two full days.  Two long, hot boring days.  Then we would be there for four days sleeping in a hotel and spending our days at their house cleaning, cooking and doing yardwork.  Did I mention this house doesn’t have a/c and temps were in the mid-90s?  Then two full days driving home. Not much to look forward to for eight days but I love how happy it makes my son to see his Grandpa.

I am thrilled to report I survived just fine and my thyroid didn’t bother me too much.  I tried to be very aware of how I was feeling.  I snuck bits of solitude here and there (like staying at the motel to do laundry one afternoon).  I focused on one day, one task at a time.  When I found myself feeling annoyed I made myself stop and breath and focus on what was bugging me.  Should I feel annoyed?  Or could I just let it go?  And let it go I did.

I also slept surprisingly well which helped me feel better.  I wore a sleep mask which I think really helped me get through the night without waking.  I ate healthy when I could and didn’t beat myself up when I didn’t.  I recognized the limitations of the situation and sucked it up.

For the drive home we took a slightly longer and more scenic route.  It was also a bit cooler and we decided we would definitely go that way again.  As has become our custom audio books really helped the time pass while driving.  We listened to “Into Thin Air”, “The Ice Balloon” and a few Magic Treehouse books.  I realized I have a tendency to lean towards books about the cold when we are driving through the desert!   We also started “Black Beauty” which was really good and we’ll have to finish in the house this week.

Home again it is quite hot, 108 today and going to remain over 100 for awhile.  I feel tired, worn out, but hopefully a few nights of  sleeping in my own bed will perk me up.  Need to resume healthy eating and exercise and make my doctor’s appointment as well!  It is nice to be home and get back to my normal habits.

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