This is what the sky looked like most of the week

I spent last week in the White Mountains of AZ and I loved it, despite the fact that it rained everyday. We still managed to get two good hikes in and two good campfires, one afternoon one and one evening one.

Six mile hike to the West Fork of the Black River

One thing I noticed was despite being in the trailer for so many hours I did not miss my computer or tv at all. I didn’t even think about them. When we arrived at our campsite I turned my phone off and didn’t turn it back on until we got home.

Instead I read my books, worked on a needlepoint project, watch the rain and played games with the family. As soon as it would stop raining we would walk around the campground or down to the lake. I never felt bored or trapped.

“Fire Pit Lake”

Once we got home I was reluctant to turn on my computer and I started to think about my computer usage.  Of late I have deleted some of the blogs I used to follow.  Some had become repetitive and some made me feel bad.  (Why can’t I be the fun mom like that?)  Part of me really dislikes Facebook.   I originally got an account so I could post pics of my son for far flung family members and reconnect with old high school friends.  I turned off some of the feeds into my account but I am realizing that maybe FB isn’t such a great thing.  But how do I stop myself from checking it?

Having a computer is like having an eating disorder.  You can’t just stop eating and I can’t just chuck the computer.  Okay, I could but there are practical uses of the computer:  my writing, paying bills, researching things to do, making reservations etc.  So now I have a goal of trying to wean myself off sites that I don’t really enjoy.  I am not too far gone.  I don’t spend hours on the computer everyday going through Pinterest or reading blogs.  I have already downsized my blog list.  I think I am ready to stop reading the comics online everyday.  (When I cancelled the newspaper I realized I could still read the comics online but it has come to feel like a chore as opposed to something I look forward to.)  My biggest challenge will be not checking FB every time I sit at the computer.  I am going to continue my “French Lessons” on Duolingo which I need to do everyday in order to progress.   The key is to be more cognizant of what I need to do when I open my computer and stay focused on my goal.

For me the computer is a good servant but a bad master (Gretchen Rubin, “The Happiness Project”).


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