Off Kilter

It is the first day of school. How can this be? It is still summer, 105 degrees, barely August.  School is supposed to start in September. When school starts there is supposed to be that first hint of coolness in the air, the sunlight less harsh.  You start to think about apples and sweaters and football.

It was actually too hot to swim yesterday.  Sounds crazy but there was this scorching wind blowing and I just couldn’t bring myself to go outside in the afternoon.  Today is gray with the occasional sprinkle of rain, atypical weather not helping with my sense of feeling off balance.

Last year I had a plan.  I knew what I was going to do my first solo day.  I had spent many hours over the summer imagining what my days would look like, things I wanted to accomplish.  This year, no plan.  No dreaming.  I feel rather stunned, like this day was just sprung on me out of the blue instead of being marked on the calendar for the last 3 months.

I always joke with my son that what I really do all day while he is in school is watch tv and eat candy.  Maybe that should be my plan for today?

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