How to get your house clean…

Decide to become a writer. Plan to write a book of any sort. And the next thing you know you will be scrubbing away!

We are now up to the sixth day of school and I still have no plan for my days and not surprising I am doing no writing. At some point during the summer I remember thinking I needed a plan and that it should start the first day of school. Should I have a set time to write or a daily or weekly word goal?  That was as far as I got in my thinking and then I moved back into summer vacation things and never decided any answers.

I came home to an empty house the first day of school and began cleaning.  The truth is the house needed cleaning.  The three weeks since we got back from camping in the mountains had been crazy busy preparing for the start of school and squeezing in last bits of summer fun.  So day one I tackled picking up, vacuuming, laundry.  I also had to do something with the overabundance of apples we picked and thus a spurt of several days of baking ensued.  Dutch apple pie, apple cake, maple apple crisp, with apple strudel still on-deck.


I finally painted our short laundry room hallway ( I am relieved to finally get that done!) and now I am scrubbing the kitchen cabinets.  I have never before scrubbed kitchen cabinets in my life.  I have always moved before they got past just needing a wipe down stage.  Have you ever looked at the top edge of the upper cabinets?  Go look.  See what I mean?

When you find yourself deep cleaning the house it is time to make a serious writing plan.  I start writing  Monday.   In the meantime I have a few cabinets left to degrunge which will be the perfect time to contemplate what I really want to accomplish this school year writing wise and the details to make it happen.

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