How to be a Stay at Home Mom

The title is actually a question, not a statement.  I used to wonder what Moms did once their kids were in school all day.  I am still wondering.

Last year was E’s first year of full day school.  I was thrilled to have enough time to get all my chores done and still have some time for myself.  All of kindergarten and the summer before first grade I dreamt of the many things I would do.

This school year started with no expectations and no plans.  No dreams.  Three weeks in and I am still at loose ends.  It is time to think of goals, projects and who I am going to be for this next phase of life.

I considered going back to work but I don’t really want to.  I want to be there for my son after school and holidays and sick days.  I like our non- stressful mornings and after school snack and homework time.  I like being able to take lots of camping trips.

My thoughts turn to writing.  Could I be a writer?  Sure, anyone can write (say all people who read a lot).  Of course not everyone can write well. What should I write?  Is this blog enough?  A novel seems very ambitious but I do have years of time.  And one novel already started.  Actually two.  With an idea for a third.  Should I try short stories, maybe enter a contest or two?  Do I want to make money writing?  Is it okay to have writing be a hobby?  Would writing make me happy?

Would writing make me happy?  Ah, there is the real question.  Now I need to figure out the real answer.

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