Such is Life

So there I am cruising along enjoying life just fine. I am on day 18 of the Whole 30 and when I went into Safeway two days ago to pick up a few items I didn’t even think about dark chocolate covered almonds.   I always buy dark chocolate covered almonds when I am there.   My favorite yummy,  yet I can pretend it is healthy snack. I didn’t even realize it until the next day. Now that is a success story!

My husband and I debate getting a second refrigerator every year about this time. Right now our fridge is stuffed with apples and pears we picked at Apple Annie’s and the freezer has 2 peach crisps and an apple pie hogging up space. Our fridge is 24 cu ft, so not huge but it seems like it should be adequate for three people.   Getting a second refrigerator seems such an extravagance I put it off every year. But not this year! With all this healthy eating of fresh fruits and veggies and wanting to freeze some of the bounty I decided this was the year.  We got an 18 cu ft one for the garage and last night cleared out the space for it.  They are delivering it today.  Hooray!

And then along came a spider.  Literally.  Monday night I was in bed and I see a few spider legs at the top of my closet door.  I try and figure out a way to trap the spider in a glass jar but it is between the top of the door and the track.  I try nudging it out with a magazine but that didn’t go well.  I didn’t want to knock it to the floor and have it scurry off (or up my leg!).  Plus I was really tired.  So I went to bed and decided to deal with it in the morning.

Only of course I couldn’t find it the next morning.  I warn everyone in the house we have a visitor and to check their shoes before putting them on.  I tell the dog to find the spider. All day I poke around at random times looking for this spider and go to bed with still no joy.  I thought I knew what was going to happen.  I was going to forget all about the spider and 3 months from now find it in a sweater or something.  That’s not what happened.

Instead, on Wednesday morning my son gives a big scream and then yells spider and comes racing down the stairs with his toothbrush in his hand.  Nothing like a kid’s scream to get the blood moving in the morning!

The spider was in the bathroom sink drain and when E turned on the water he scurried out.  The tarantula  couldn’t quite make it up the side of the sink so I quickly trapped him under a cup.  Then I released him back into the wilds of the wash next to our house.

Our fancy catch and release trap.


Our visitor.  I am pretty sure it is a tarantula.

And that is what life is like in the desert southwest right now.


2 thoughts on “Such is Life

  1. So I was thinking of like a little itty bitty tiny spider lol Oh, my goodness! That thing is huge! And I’m not really scared of spiders, but if I saw that thing moving across my floor I’d probably scream for sure!


    1. Obviously I have been in the desert too long as I barely jumped, maybe a tiny twitch. And helpful hubby says are you sure that was the same one you saw the other night? really? No, I want to think there are two very similar tarantulas crawling around the house.

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