Post Disneyland Exhaustion

Day 1: Happy that we had a great birthday dinner in the a/c and that the hostess found me a birthday button. (City Hall was out of them and I was rather bummed.)

I have travelled a lot in the last 30 years for both the military and my own pleasure. I always enjoyed heading out but I was always happy to come home too. Until we moved to Tucson. Right now I am exhausted. Worn out. Frustrated with temperatures still in the the high 90’s with no end in sight.

We went to Disneyland for my birthday.  I was excited about going until I saw the weather forecast.  One hundred degrees and humid for our first day which was my actual birthday.  The next two days were a little cooler and much less humid.  The park was less crowded.  We made plans a few hours at a time and they worked great.  Our time spent in lines was minimized and we got to all our favorite rides.

Since coming home I have been busy preparing for our flooring to be replaced on the first floor.  I hate having everything  in such  disarray.  And I am so tired.

For awhile I thought maybe I had gotten too old for travel.  For Disneyland.  Maybe it was just the heat.  Three long, 12 to 13 hour days of mostly walking or standing in summer temps is enough to do anybody in.  Bookend those days with 10 hour drives across the desert and on the trip home I was in the sun all the way.  I should be tired.

Day 2:  The Tower of Terror silliness.


So happy to see Pluto.

When I look at the pictures I am smiling every time.  A wide, happy smile.  Already all the memories that are sticking are joyful ones.  I am not too old for Disneyland!

I have adjusted my attitude.  I have accepted my fatigue.  I have promised myself I will be so happy with the new flooring 10 days from now that it will be a joy to put everything back and maybe get a little more purging done in the process.  I have promised myself a day off in the middle of October.  I have written it into my day planner.  In ink.

As for the heat?  I have turned the a/c down an extra two degrees.  I have earned it.

Day 3:  Dumbo created a nice breeze.

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