True Confession Time

Today is my last day on the Whole 30. I wasn’t planning on doing one but my husband decided to join some of his co-workers and since I had to cook for him anyway I decided I might as well do my third Whole 30 attempt. I was already trying to avoid grains and I needed to do something about my snacking and sugar intake anyway.

So how did I do?

Here are my transgressions:

  1.  I ate butter, real butter.  Not much, but frankly I am not a big fan of ghee.
  2. I used store bought mayo.  I bought the healthiest olive oil kind I could find.  While I can make homemade mayo I find it tiresome and in the heat I was a little afraid of giving myself food poisoning. I did find some canola oil only mayo at Trader Joe’s so I will try that next.
  3. I ate peanut butter.  Trader Joe’s peanuts only peanut butter through day 12.  Then I did some research on legumes and switched to almond butter for the remaining 18 days.
  4. I ate some Mickey Mousse on my birthday (about half).  While at Disneyland I ate salads, a burger with no bun and grilled chicken breast but didn’t check to see if they were truly Whole 30 compliant.  I skipped the dressing but I did eat some cheese.  I also had a raspberry smoothie at Ghirardelli’s, split three ways so I didn’t really have much.


Birthday “Mickey Mousse”


And technically compliant yet frowned upon:

A couple of homemade smoothies: spinach and fruit, chia seeds.  I ate them for lunch because I wasn’t that hungry and it was terrifically hot out and I needed something cold.

Olive oil potato chips.  They were part of a picnic lunch, again it was hot out, and I was sweating like crazy and craved the salt.

So I admit I didn’t really do a Whole 30.  I like to think I did a “Tracey 30”.  My goals were to avoid grains and sugar and I succeeded.  I stopped mindlessly eating candy throughout the day, reduced my joint pain, improved my mood and lost five pounds.

Going forward I am planning on starting another “Tracey 30” next week.  I want to continue to avoid/seriously limit wheat and see if corn, rice  and oats are okay or if I need to avoid them too. I know I am still battling the sugar demon and need to avoid candy and baked goods for a while longer.  I want to try some grain free baked goods made with coconut or almond flour for the holidays but I think I will wait another month.  I need to stay off sugar longer to really get control of my sweet tooth.

From previous Whole 30s I know I am okay with cheese and yogurt and they are going back in my diet.  I am also going back to peanut butter.  I like it way better than other butters and have not noticed any issues with it.  It’s not like I eat tons of it anyway but I do like a little with an apple or banana for breakfast or a tasty snack.  Much better than eating a brownie smothered in ice cream and chocolate syrup I’m sure.

I consider this last not quite a Whole 30 a success. I am eating healthier, comfortably in my five pound weight window and feeling better.  I know my next goals: I will test different grains and will continue to address my sugar/snacking issues.

I am giving myself a few days off from thinking about food so much and to get through our flooring install (since I don’t have much access to the kitchen anyway.)  My husband brought home Chipolte last night and he is bringing home dinner again tonight.  Hopefully it will be a fairly healthy choice and I will continue to skip the buns and bread.

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