Monday Monday

Pretend Monday

Here is how the imaginary Monday played out in my head:  I wake up to a cool, gray rainy day. I spend a leisurely 20 or 30 minutes updating my bullet journal, planning my day while sipping a mug of hot tea. I watch PBS dramas while folding warm, clean laundry. At some point the house is scented by an apple pie baking in the oven and a hearty stew bubbling in the crockpot. At 3:00p there is a ferocious thunderstorm and my son and I have cocoa and chocolate croissants while playing UNO. We each win an equal amount of hands.  I start the next Miss Marple novel and fall asleep to the sound of a gentle rain with a deliciously refreshing breeze coming in the window and sleep a solid ten hours.

Real Monday

I had a dentist appointment at 8:20a and then spent the next three hours with the left side of my mouth numb.  And the left side of my nose.  After the dentist I have to call the vet and take my dog in because he was attacked by a neighbor’s dog Sunday night and wasn’t putting any weight at all on one of his back legs.  While waiting for the 10:15a appointment I throw some laundry in and try and comfort the dog.  Back from the vets I anxiously watch my heavily doped up dog, continue the laundry and start watching the U of A football game I DVR’d on Saturday.  (His leg was badly swollen and he was in a lot of pain but luckily it wasn’t broken.) I get my son from school and we make a quick trip to the library.  We return and I give in and turn the a/c back on, the house was up to 85 degrees and the dog was not happy.  I spend the entire day worrying about confronting the neighbor about our $360 vet bill. (They paid without complaint, whew.)  I climb into bed and toss and turn and have weird dreams when I finally do fall asleep.  Sigh.


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