Don’t hate me but it is time to talk about…

goals for next year. (Ha! You thought I was going to say Christmas didn’t you?)
I don’t make New Year’s’ resolutions perse, instead I like to set goals for the whole year. But lately I have been thinking about habits. Specifically my habits, ones I want to adopt and ones I want to resume.

The reason I am thinking about this two months early is because now is a good time to make plans, before the chaos of the holidays kick in. I have read Leo Babauta’s book  “Zen Habits” and it makes sense.  You have a better chance of success establishing habits if you make one change at a time and do it slowly.  So that is my plan.

In addition to deciding what habits I want to add to my life I need to prioritize them and make sure I understand my reasons for wanting to add them to my days.  All this is going to take a bit of thinking and I want to make some observations about the behaviors I want to change.  For instance I am going to write down all the sugar and grains I eat for the next week to see exactly what my intake is.  I am also going to wear my pedometer and see how many steps I average in a typical day.

I have five different habits I am thinking about so far.  The plan is to have a strategy mapped out by Thanksgiving so stay tuned!

And a couple of completely unrelated to the post photos, but I am all giddy about autumn these days!


Yams with a maple cranberry sauce.


Our Trader Joe’s haunted house. It may be all autumn in my head but it is still in the mid-80s here so the icing got a little drippy. We decided after that we liked it better that way!


The back door.  It looks kind of like a face.



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