So long CSA

In our quest to eat healthier I signed up for our Local Tucson CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) over the summer. I was excited about eating locally grown, freshly picked real food. I was curious to try some new vegetables. We gave it a go for twelve weeks but opted not to renew our subscription again.

It made me kind of sad to give up but it really wasn’t working out very well and I felt like I was wasting too much food and hence money.

There were two basic issues. The first was the distance to the pick up location. It was a good 30 minute drive each way and once school started I had my husband begin to pick up our share on his way home from work. The problem with this was my husband doesn’t cook or grocery shop so he wasn’t good at selecting items. He also got there fairly late so typically there wasn’t any good trading to be done.

The second issue was the types of foods we were getting.  We were inundated with onions and various types of spicy peppers.  Though I live in the desert southwest I don’t cook a lot of southwestern dishes.  I was glad to try my hand at making salsa verde, we ate one batch with chicken enchiladas and I put a second batch in the freezer.  But I didn’t feel the need to make a third batch and had no idea what else to do with tomatillos and all those peppers.

We also got shares of monsoon greens, basically weeds that sprout up after rains.  I used a few in various salads but they just weren’t my thing.  We enjoyed different types of potatoes, melons and squash.  We also liked the corn and fruit but it wasn’t enough for three of us.   And despite being really fresh things had a tendency to spoil quickly.  I tried my best to meal plan accordingly but it didn’t always work out. A few times we were trying to eat what we had picked at Apple Annie’s and then got the same vegetables (eggplant, green beans) and fruits (apples) in our CSA share.

I finally had to accept that for now the CSA wasn’t in the cards.  I will keep it in mind for the future though and would certainly consider doing it again.

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