It’s that time of year


Madera Canyon Veteran’s Day hike

I have to confess my mind has not been on blogs, either reading them or writing this one. This time of year I always suffer from ‘monkey mind’. I am not sure if that is the scientific term or something I picked up from “Gilmore Girls” but monkey mind it is.

Each morning I sit down with my bullet journal and look at my weekly to-do list and write my daily to-do list.  And then my brain jumps to Christmas.

Christmas??  Here is the thing:  I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.  What could be better than cooking a lot of food, eating a lot of food, watching a parade and football and a nice post dinner, pre-pie walk? I worry that one year people will take down their Halloween decorations and go straight to Christmas.  I have no intention of taking down autumn until 1 December.  And then I will put up some wintry items but most of Christmas will come out gradually, peaking around mid-December.  Our live tree?  Not up until Christmas week.

But here is what my brain does two weeks before Thanksgiving when I go to write the day’s to do list:

Start to write down items for the day.

Start thinking about Christmas gifts.  Check excel spreadsheet where I jot down ideas and color code items already purchased.  Delete items already given to son for birthday.

Make another list of things to be bought on-line.

Make a list of items to be purchased around town.  Make a list of stores.  Look at calendar and decide when to go to each store.

When am I going to wrap presents?  Where will I hide them?  Which presents will be from Santa and which from family?  When do I need to mail packages?

When will we do “A Christmas Story” movie night?  Don’t forget 6 December is St. Nicholaus’ birthday, make cake.

Move on.

Look at Calendar again, when are we leaving for Flagstaff?  Note: buy E some new gloves.  Add gloves to shopping list.

My hair has really been looking good lately, I hope this phase lasts awhile. Um, okay, why am I thinking about this?

Look at calendar and wonder when to deliver cookie plates to neighbors.

Look through cookbooks to figure out what types of cookies to make.  What to make for bowling potluck?  Guild luncheon is 1 December.  What dessert to bring for that?  When will I do all this baking?


Wait, have I even planned the Thanksgiving menu?  What about a shopping list for that?  When am I going to go to the commissary for the turkey?

Ack, what about dinner tonight?  Back to today’s to-do list.  By now my brain hurts and I call the hubby and ask him to bring dinner home.  A girl can only do so much during the holidays.


Sherlock:  Don’t forget to add walk the dog to the list!

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