Three by Three

Sometimes bad things happen in threes, or at least it seems that way.

Here are my three for the past week:

1. Did you know that your rear license plate has a light? I had no clue until I got pulled over by the Tucson PD. Me, with a blank look on my face, “the front or the rear plate?” I ask the officer. (Duh, they don’t use front plates in Arizona!) He was very nice, I think they were actually doing some kind of training as there were three officers and two cars. Anyway, he didn’t give me a ticket. I was baffled as I usually get a dashboard message when I have a light out but the officer said probably not for the license plate. Um, so exactly how are you supposed to know you have that bulb out? I guess when the police pull you over  is how you find out. I have probably been breaking the law for years as my car is a 2001 and I have never replaced those bulbs!

2.  The four day headache with a touch of vertigo.

Day one – Maybe I am just dehydrated.  I drink extra water and decaf green tea.

Day two – Maybe I am just dehydrated and tired.  I stayed up way late on Saturday night watching the University of Arizona Wildcats beat Utah in double overtime. (Way to go Cats!!)  It was quite chilly in the stadium so I didn’t drink much water.

Day three – Maybe I have a bug of some sort though my only symptoms are the tiredness and headache.

Day four – Am I going to have a stroke?  A brain tumor?  Should I go to the doctor?  Maybe I need to get my vision checked.  When was the last time I went to the eye doctor?

And finally the headache faded or the ibuprofen worked. Phew. (Though I am going to see if I am due for an eye exam.)

3.  Three correct football picks out of fourteen games this past week.  Pitiful.


Since life is all about balance here are three good things that happened in the past week:

1. The weather has been downright autumnal!  Various combinations of chilly, rainy and  blustery the last few days.  I am one happy camper wearing long pants and sweaters!

2. Of course I didn’t have the proper teeny star head screwdriver that I needed to get to the tiny license plate bulbs.  But the nice man at O’Reilly’s auto parts hunted one down for me and let me borrow it.  Five dollars and five minutes later and I was all legal again.

3.   I sold my son’s duplo legos on craigslist the first day I posted them.


The bad and the good, such is life.  Only one week until Turkey Day!  Wooo-Hooo!






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