Listening to your body

It was full dark at 6:30p. Tracey put on her cozy pajamas and climbed between flannel sheets. It was a relief not to have to hold her eyelids open any longer.

It was a relief that she didn’t have a brain tumour or a stroke, just a simple sinus infection. Odd that she had no sneezing or runny nose, just sinus cavities stuffed full and fluid bulging behind eardrums causing persistent headaches and vertigo.  There was hope all would be well by Thanksgiving. She had antibiotics, a nasal spray and a neti pot. She would rearrange her to do list as needed.

There was also relief that her craving for bed these last few days was an actual physical ailment. She wasn’t lazy or depressed or overwhelmed by looming holiday preparations. Her body had simply been trying to tell her she was sick and needed extra rest.

She slept ten hours and got up to put an autumn stew in the crockpot and a pecan pie in the oven.  She ate breakfast and took the pie out of the oven and then went back to bed.  Her work for the day was done.  Now she would rest and hydrate and take care of herself.  She would switch to the couch in the afternoon and watch The Territorial Cup game between the University of Arizona and  Arizona State.  Go Wildcats!  She would not do dishes or vacuum.  She would go to bed early and see what the next day brought.  She would listen to her body.

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