The Things We Do for Love


Christmas 2 years ago


My dog Sherlock loves opening presents.  Like crazy loves it.  On Christmas morning we have to give him a present first so he will stop barking and running around sniffing all the gifts looking for his.

I had all the gifts wrapped except for his.  Since we are home together all day I had to get creative to wrap them without his knowledge.  (Plus I have an 8 year old who expects Santa to bring Sherlock presents so there is a lot of hiding going on.  I could see myself forgetting about the “Santa presents” for Sherlock in the trunk of my car and my son finding them so I was anxious to get them wrapped and re-hidden).  I was going to put Sherlock outside for a bit but the dining room table where I have been doing all my wrapping has big windows looking out over the side yard. He would peek, I know he would.  Plus he is a dog so he can smell Petco items.

I tried luring him outside anyway:  “Hey boy want to check the laundry with me?”  hoping he would maybe snooze in the sun and I could sneak back in and wrap them upstairs.  He never left the doorway.  (It was pretty cold out for an, ahem, senior dog.)  Since his gifts were hidden in the trunk of the car I decided I would just have to wrap them in the garage.  The freezing cold garage.  First I had to sneak the Santa wrapping paper out, along with tape, scissors, and gift tags.  After wrapping and hiding the presents in a secure location (high in the garage) I implemented the next step of the fake out.  I brought in the big box of Milkbones we keep in the garage, the perfect distraction!  I refilled the treat jar and then gave him a Milkbone.  Hopefully after that he forgot to wonder about what I was doing in the garage and didn’t notice any Petco smells on me.




I don’t know when I will have the chance to post again so, Merry Christmas to all! (Or Happy Whatever you celebrate!)  I hope amid a ton of joy and gaiety you find a moment of peace and time for reflection on all your blessings. A quiet moment to drink in all the lights and decorations, savor the cookies and breath deeply the scents of the season. You have earned it.

Yes, I put snow on my cactus gingerbread cookie!

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