The  house sparkles with just the Christmas lights lit.  I am glad I took the extra time earlier today to do a good dust and vacuum.

We have attended evening church service, candle lit “Silent Night” bringing tears to my eyes as always.  My soul has been nourished.

The counter is laden with Christmas treats, the larder stocked for the coming days, ready to nourish our bodies and hearts.  Meals are planned out for the next three days.  For Christmas we have our traditional turkey potpie.  The turkey is saved from Thanksgiving, the crust as imperfect as usual (I choose to think it shows it is homemade).  There will be applesauce from the freezer, homemade from our late summer apple picking.  This menu suits me as I don’t want to spend Christmas cooking, I just pop the potpie in the oven and go on about the business of merry making.

We celebrate Boxing Day too, the 26th of December.  We pretend we are British and put Christmas crackers next to our plates at dinner.  The menu this year is for a hearty Beef and Ale Stew with dumplings, the recipe from Beatrix Potter’s Lake District.  For dessert there is sticky toffee pudding from Trader Joe’s.  The forecast is for cold and windy so the meal should suit it well.

On Sunday the 27th we will have fondue, also from Trader Joe’s.  We’ll have sausages, broccoli, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and bread chunks for dippers. It will be something different, something unusual for us.  And then hopefully the next few days we will eat leftovers!

Right now I sit quietly waiting for my son to be sound asleep.  It could take awhile.  I think about how many trips I will need to make to bring in the gifts carefully hidden in the garage.  They are wrapped but still need to be ribboned and bowed.  I wonder if I should watch a movie while I wait.   But instead I think I will sit here for awhile, in the cold, calm, dimly lit peacefulness counting my blessings.  There are many to be counted.

Peace and Joy to you!


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