My Old New Office Space

Ta-da! My office space.


You know that feeling you get when something is right, very right? When your head and heart (and sometimes stomach) are in complete agreement? That is my new office space, which is really my former office space but oh so different now. It feels like my office as opposed to some thrown together space.When my husband was helping me move heavy furniture up and down the stairs I had a quiver of doubt: What if I didn’t like the new arrangement?  The bottom shelf pieces were really too heavy for me on stairs but somehow we managed to get everything moved without dropping anything or damaging back muscles. Lift with your legs and wear heavy gloves!

The minute we got the larger pieces in place I knew: this space fit me.

I had played around with the floor plan on paper for a few weeks and couldn’t shake the notion that I wanted my worktable in front of the window. It is bad feng shui to sit with my back to the door but I didn’t seem to care. And then I spied this picture on my white board:

My dream space

I have had this picture for years. I cut it out of Real Simple magazine. I have pined for this space for years.  And now I have it.


The leaf pattern on the sheers substitutes for a tree outside the window. 


I am thinking I want to hang a small wind chime by the door, to alert me if someone comes in, but so far the back to the door hasn’t been a problem. I typically use my computer at the computer desk where I sit facing the door. Most of the time when I am at my worktable it is during the day when I am in the house alone. (Not really alone, I have a ferocious guard dog.)

You can just see the doorway on the left


The light is wonderful. This time of year I get actual sunlight slanting in the window which is gorgeous through the leaf designed sheers. In the summer the sun will be high enough I won’t get any direct sunlight, which is a good thing too.  It will still be a pleasantly light filled room but not heat up during the day as much.  And the lighting at night is pleasant too. I love the lamp on the worktable and the small lamp on the computer desk is still perfect.

My office at night.  I was able to use my rug from Turkey.  It fit the space quite well and I don’t have to look at the cheap, gray wall to wall carpeting.

It is a huge relief that this room has worked out because my days of lugging heavy furniture up and down stairs are over!

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