2016 Clean Up Plan, Accidently on Schedule

In addition to making a list of habits to adopt this year I also made a list of twelve areas to clean.  Because I have done so much purging the last two years I wasn’t sure this was really necessary.  That was a crazy thought, there is always more to do.  I tried to keep it easy on myself though, frankly I am rather tired of getting rid of so much of my stuff.  It is rather stressful.  So here is the list:

  1.  Bathroom cabinets (I have straightened them up but not really gone through and tossed things.)
  2. Shred paperwork (I still have half a box to do)
  3. Clear out the file cabinet
  4. Shred again (see #3 🙂 )
  5. Add recipes and create index for recipe books
  6.  Print and put in album 2015 photos
  7. Purge digital photos
  8. Move photos to online storage
  9. Buy and assemble storage shed    Get ceiling storage racks for garage
  10. Sort out pool, garden and car items in garage
  11. Sort holiday totes in garage
  12. Sort other garage items

I broke down bigger tasks into smaller ones in the hope that would help get them actually accomplished with the goal being of completing one task a month.

Last week I realized it was the end of the month and I hadn’t even looked at the list much less picked a project for the month.  Oh crap.  But it turns out I was ahead of myself.  I actually had clear out the garage (again) on the list and had scheduled it for the last weekend in January.  The weather cooperated, there was no football to distract and as it turned out it took way less time than I thought it would.  Seems I didn’t need to break it down into three areas (months) but it is nice to have some wiggle room for the rest of the year.

I spent one hour on Friday clearing out all the shipping boxes from Christmas (taking advantage of it being recycle pick up day) and filling the trunk of my car with the items set aside for Goodwill.  I also sorted through one whole tote filled with random coaxial cables, lengths of telephone wire, extension cords etc.

On Saturday afternoon we spent three hours purging, stacking and rearranging.  After Christmas I did a good sort of the decorations and downsized by two bins so that task was already done. At the end of the day our large trash bin was full, we had more Goodwill items in the back of my husband’s truck and we could easily park our bikes in such a way as to still reach the items on the shelves.

Yes, we still have a lot of stuff but it fits okay.  No, it doesn’t look like the after photos in magazines.  It looks more like the before photo but to me it looks like a real family’s garage.  I have a little more room for my car which makes me happy and we can get to things without moving ten other things. (We don’t park our truck in the garage because it is too long.)

Now you can see the garage floor!

We have an appointment next weekend to see if hanging shelves (from the ceiling) are possible.  If so we can clear up more floor space by moving the Christmas totes and other less accessed items up above.  Those hanging shelves could be the attic/basement storage I so dearly miss!

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