Oh the Irony

In my last post I mentioned not checking pockets well before putting the clothes in the washer. Want to hear how that turned out?   It all started with a phone call…

Saturday evening we get a phone call from my son’s league bowling director. Could E substitute in the city tournament on Sunday for a sick bowler? E surprised me by saying yes. He had bowled in the team event that day but had opted out of the singles/doubles events on Sunday.

As I was getting ready for bed I realized E would need to wear his bowling shirt again. I picked it up off the floor (because where else would it be?) and saw a big stain on the front.  Milk?  Yogurt?  Didn’t matter, it needed to be washed.  I gather up a load of his clothes and toss them in the washer.  An hour later I go down to put them in the dryer, only when I go to start the dryer there is this horrible grinding noise and the smell of burnt rubber.  I look inside the dryer and don’t see anything weird so I try again with the same result.  So there I am at 9:30 at night hanging laundry outside on the line.

Sunday afternoon my husband takes the back off the dryer so we can see if it is just a belt,  in which case we will call a repairman, or if it is the motor which would mean a new dryer.  As my husband is peering around my son yells, “hey there’s a pencil”!  And sure enough there is a pencil stuck in the fan.

So the mystery is, how did a pencil get in there?  My hypothesis is it somehow stayed in the pocket through the washer, came out in the dryer and managed to slip  through a vent hole.  Once the dryer stopped on the previous load the pencil ended up in the fan and when I went to start the dryer the pencil jammed the fan blades.  Crazy!

How did a pencil line up just right to get through a small hole in a tumbling load of clothes?  It’s a poser alright.

So now the dryer is all hunky dory again which means I have no excuse not to do laundry.  Darn the luck.

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