Menopausal Moment (we all survived)

miami heat

I am trying a few different things to deal with my menopausal symptoms. Or is it technically perimenopause? Like I care what it is called. Tired and crabby would be a good name for it. Anyway I am still here. I think I will see if what I am doing helps or not before talking about it. Seems to me every woman just has to keep trying different combinations of things until she finds out what works for her. Or she moves on into “the next season of life”.  Is that winter?

Here is a succinct summary of life right now:
Husband comes home from work. No dinner going on. (Dinner has replaced laundry as the task most likely to make my head explode.) I explain I had to take small child to pre-bowl after school and we had just got home. (Okay, 30 minutes ago.) Husband says “So I need to go pick up dinner?” Yup.

Then I say I think I am going to buy the discounted NBA league pass so I can watch more Miami Heat games. He says okay, ten minutes later I am all settled on the couch with Dwayne Wade and Goran Dragic. And so is the husband. Two hours later he says “so what do you want for dinner?”

This is what he needs to understand: I don’t care about dinner. I want to abdicate all dinner responsibility. I have eaten enough dark chocolate covered almonds throughout the day that I have no interest in dinner.  HE can do whatever HE wants about dinner.  No matter what he brings home there is a 98% chance that it will be wrong so he should just get what he wants.  But now it is too late.  Small child comes in asking about dinner, thrilled he got to play with his friends for so long.  The husband still wants me to make a dinner decision.  In the interest of keeping my head from exploding I stick with Dwayne and Goran.  Husband and son cobble together odds and ends.  No one starved to death.  No one was harmed in my menopausal moment. And the Heat beat the Pacers in OT!  Woohoo!

Don’t worry, tonight I already have dinner prepped and ready to cook:  lemon mustard chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and fresh asparagus.  Hopefully there will be enough left for dinner tomorrow.  The Heat are taking on the Warriors!



One thought on “Menopausal Moment (we all survived)

  1. I can completely relate with your dinner thoughts! Been there, done that so many times…The best part is the faces when I say “Oh, you can whip something up for yourself, right? I’m not hungry.”

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