A Laundry Experiment

A lovely little breeze helping to dry the clothes.

Lately dinner and laundry have been battling for who will be my top nemesis. Right now dinner is winning. As for laundry I decided to try something different this week: I didn’t do it. For six straight days I ignored dirty clothes as they piled up in the hamper. On the seventh day I sorted all that laundry into four piles: reds, whites, darks and lights. But I still didn’t wash it.  The only reason I sorted it out was because the hamper was at max capacity.

I decided to wait until Friday (today) to do the laundry for a purely devious reason.  My husband was off work and he was planning on painting the large gate that the HOA had sent a letter complaining about.  The fact that I pointed out months ago the gate needed painting made no impression.  A thirty day deadline seems to have worked.  Now I know my husband and he will pretend incompetence in order to somehow suck me into helping (as he does with any major task that he really doesn’t want to do).

I have learned to be prepared and am becoming adept at planning an avoidance strategy.  My mission this time has bill paying and finishing the taxes lined up to commence as he starts his painting project.  I decided to throw the laundry task in as well.  It would add another layer of “see how busy I look” to my day.

I feel snowed under by laundry these days.  The sad thing is I used to enjoy doing laundry.  A basket of clean clothes always seems like such a nice accomplishment.  Now there is just too much.  I typically do two to three loads,  four or five days a week.   I hang much of it outside to take advantage of the dry air, heat and sunshine here.  In the summer clothes dry quicker on the line than in the dryer!

Each individual step of the process doesn’t take much time but at the end of the day it all adds up. I know delaying doing laundry isn’t going to be very helpful.  The same amount will still have to be done. But it felt really nice to not do laundry for a whole week.

Here is what happened when I didn’t do laundry for a week:

  1. No one complained about not having clean clothes.  This is America, our closets are full.
  2. The washer did not start crying from neglect.
  3. I did not get a ticket from the laundry police.

After a week off my loathing for laundry seems a bit less intense.  Interesting.  Maybe I just need a new routine? Hmmm.  Do I really want to think about how I do laundry?  No. I think I just want to do it fewer days a week.  At least once in awhile.  I can make that happen.

Happy Laundry Day!!

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