Little Bits of Happy

My in-progress felt banner kit. You just have to  sew on sequins.

1. Don’t you love it when a problem resolves itself? Quite awhile ago, after cleaning the stove top, one of the burners wouldn’t light. I figured once it dried out it would be okay. Weeks go by and I am still lighting it by hand. Then my lighter ran out of fluid and I realized the burner was actually igniting.

2. I did some updating on my computer and I didn’t wreck it!  (I will write specifics in a future post.)

3.  A few years ago I got prescription reading glasses.  I only needed them for reading paperbacks or at night when I was tired or the light wasn’t very good (like in our trailer).  Over time I have found myself wearing them more and more, but still just for reading.  The other night I was working on my felt banner for spring and realized I couldn’t tell the difference between the tiny x for orange and the tiny, solid diamond for purple.  What? Then I remembered my glasses.  Turns out I can use them for more than just reading.   🙂 (I suppose that is more of a “duh” moment but I am happy to be able to see the pattern clearly.)

4.  Just when I thought we were going to have to turn the air-conditioning on the weather cooled back down.  I am hoping we can hold out at least until April.


Finally, I am going to take a mini blogging break.  My son’s spring break is next week so we will be immersed in family fun.  I am letting you know so you don’t wonder where I am.  Personally I hate it when a blogger I am following disappears.  I have a very vivid imagination and I always think of all kinds of crazy scenarios, most of which I hope aren’t true for them.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!!

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