D is for Drama

All the drama in my life these days comes from PBS, which is a good thing!

I suppose I watch a “normal” amount of television. Not too much, but some. Actually I have no idea how much tv I watch, I suppose I should track it some time. Just not this month, I have too much blog writing to do ūüôā .

Where was I? Ah, dramas. I do have an affinity for PBS drama’s. The last few years I was okay with the Christmas season coming to an end because there was “Downton Abbey”. Right now I am happy to watch “Mr. Selfridge” bring on his own demise. I am also a fan of “Grantchester”. ¬†Is it okay to have a crush on a Vicar? ¬†Just like in books I am partial to a British setting.


(Photo from Glamour Magazine in the UK)

Some pretty serious abs for a Vicar who smokes and drinks like he does!


I like setting the DVR for Masterpiece Classic and Masterpiece Mystery and seeing what shows up. That is how I started watching “Last Tango in Halifax”. ¬†I thought it was at a good ending place last season but I read they are doing one more season, though it is delayed.

I was bummed to learn that “The Crimson Field” wasn’t renewed. I was looking forward to learning more about those rascally nurses. I am hoping “Home Fires” has a second season, I haven’t seen anything on it yet.

I like some of the miniseries too. ¬†I didn’t watch “The Widower” because he just looked too creepy to me. ¬†I quite enjoyed “The Guilty” though.

I read that a¬†¬†miniseries about Queen Victoria will take Downton Abbey’s time slot¬†next year. ¬†And I saw a preview for a show about Winston Churchill this fall. ¬†Both look intriguing.

When you get a chance check out your local PBS station, all kinds of good drama going on there!!


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