E is for Emergency Back Up Plan



When I decided in mid-March to try my hand at the A to Z blogging challenge I didn’t really think the logistics through very well. I don’t have a blogging niche, I just write about what is going on in my life or in my head at any given moment. How was that going to translate to a daily blog that needed to be focused in some way on a specific letter?

I had no idea and decided I needed an emergency back up plan. I resolved if I was stumped for a topic I would go to my ginormous dictionary, flip to the right letter and find a word. And pray for inspiration.

Worrying about blog topics does not keep me awake at night now that I have the emergency backup plan. I have not had to use the backup plan yet, though a few future letters have remained quite devoid of topics.  For instance ‘J’ and ‘K’  are looking pretty blank right now.  So if you see a post that makes you say “where did that topic come from?”, now you know.  It was the ginormous dictionary and divine intervention.

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