H is for How

As in how I am tackling this blogging challenge. Not easily. I feel like I have been behind the power curve all week.

I wrote my first two posts ahead of time knowing I was going to be away all of last week. (I thought I had ‘A’ scheduled to publish but I did something wrong. I think I know what and will test it out Saturday to see if now I know what I am doing.  No betting please.)

Anyway, when I decided to do the challenge in mid-March I printed out a calendar for April, labelled it with the letter for each day and then jotted down topic ideas as they occurred. Some boxes are overflowing, some remain stubbornly blank. I have a few (okay, three, no four!) drafts for various letters written but much of the alphabet is left to be done.

The plan was to write each post the day before it was due.  On the day of,  I would review, edit and publish before beginning work on the next day’s post.  Only I didn’t write the post I planned on writing  Sunday and hence have been playing catch up all week.

The plan is to once again use Sunday to get a head start on the week. Especially this next week as I have three blank letters staring at me. Thank goodness I have the emergency back up plan. I fear I am going to need it!

4 thoughts on “H is for How

  1. Love this! My sentiments exactly. I think I missed “F” for which I should get a “f” for forgetting. I will leave “H” for the end if the day. Perhaps I will encounter my muse somewhere between now and then, however. . .


  2. Seems like you have a plan in place to keep going ahead with the challenge 🙂 It can be really hard to get it all done; my first year of the challenge I signed up two days before it started and was overwhelmed with it all, writing every day, visiting blogs, etc. I learned the subsequent year to pre-write them and get them all done by the start of the challenge. I tweak them a bit each day, but the majority of the stuff is done. It makes it go a bit smoother 🙂



    1. I am already thinking of ways to do things differently next year. It sort of feels like cheating to write everything ahead of time (I have no idea why I think this) but that is obviously the way to go. And that frees up more time for reading. I did spend time Sunday prepping for the week ahead so I can take a few breaths now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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