K is for Killjoy

Killjoy: a person who spoils other people’s fun or enjoyment

I know this A to Z challenge isn’t a person but it is being a killjoy of my blogging experience.  Wait.  I am bummed because the challenge has turned out to be a challenge?  That’s weird.  I am going to persevere, sorry about that.

I am already thinking of how I will tackle the challenge differently next year.  I have a few ideas. Perusing the other blogs has been helpful.  I have seen lots of  interesting themes.  I know it would be best to start drafting posts well before the challenge begins.

Doing this year’s challenge off the cuff has been good in some ways though.  I have had to push myself a little, learn to prioritize a bit better.  I find I actually enjoy writing each day.  This bodes well for August when I plan on starting to conquer my personal goal of writing some fiction.

What I am not thrilled with is spending so much time on the computer.  This has been compounded by the temporary loss of my treadmill. I remind myself it is only for one month. Now that I know how to schedule posts I could take a day or two off. It’s not like I can get fired because I didn’t read any blogs for a day.

Here is the link to the A to Z blogging challenge.  Maybe someone else could read some blogs for me?  There is more than a thousand to choose from!!  Thank you in advance 🙂

So as not to be a total killjoy here is a fun photo of a dragonfly I took last summer. (If I had known ahead of time I would have re-painted my toenails!)


8 thoughts on “K is for Killjoy

  1. Doing A to Z really is a challenge!! Good job for keeping up, and don’t get discouraged. Hope you do find time to get out for a walk and/or a change of scenery. Love the dragonfly!


  2. Now that we are up to T, I agree with you. Killjoy. I still don’t have a post written for tomorrow – I’m cruising other people’s blogs instead! I did better this year than last. Last year I wrote as the month went, but this year I had 1/3 fully written in advance and lots of notes on the rest. But still – it is a challenge and I’m wearing thin and ready for it to be over. Love the pic! Just wouldn’t be the same if you had perfectly manicured toenails.

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