V is for Vision

I have learned over the years that the things I spend time dreaming and thinking about happen. Not right away but I like to believe when the time is right.

Two Examples:

Joining the Air Force. I started thinking about it at the start of high school, delayed enlisted the beginning of my senior year and left for basic training a month after graduation. It’s not like we were a big military family and I have no idea how the thought popped into my head but it was an excellent decision and totally right for me.

Buying my Saab.  I saw a Saab 9-3 at an autoshow in 2001 and fell in love.  I thought it was out of my price range but continued to dream about that car for years.  Someone mentioned leasing one so I went to the Saab dealer “just to look.”  This was 2003.  Saab had been bought by GM and totally ruined the new models.  As I walked away from the new vehicle I spied the resale section and there was my car.  A 2001 model, exact same color and options that I had seen at the auto show.  I bought it, paid it off in six months and I am still driving that car today! And yes I still totally love it.

What am I dreaming about these days?  Returning to New York.  Buying a small house down in the Fingerlakes region south of Rochester.  Outside I can see the front porch, the clothes line and rose bushes.  Inside is a sunny eat-in kitchen, one large-ish living space with a gas fireplace, cozy couch for watching tv, a good reading chair, bookshelves and a work table for puzzles and games and craft projects.  There is a small bedroom and a bathroom with a black and white hexagon tile floor and a clawfoot tub.

I see myself walking to the business district to visit the library and farmer’s market, maybe grabbing lunch at the diner.

tiny house

Something like this would be sweet! (no palm trees though)


This vision sustains me through these horrific spring allergy seasons and the long hot summer seasons.  It will probably be years before my dream comes true but having no doubt that it will keeps me happy and enables me to endure this time in the desert.

Don’t be afraid to dream and plan and be patient all at once.


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