X is for Xylophone


As I kept staring at the empty ‘X’ space on the calendar I thought I would need to use the emergency back up plan.  Besides x-ray did I even know any other ‘X’ words? And the word xylophone came to mind along with a memory.

Sixth grade Christmas concert. Or was it fourth grade? So long ago, back when the word Christmas was still allowed in schools. I played the xylophone. I don’t even remember what songs we played. I just remember being up on the small stage plinking away. I love the sound a xylophone makes. How cool would it be to take up the xylophone now, at my age? I could finally learn to read music. It would be good for my brain and eye-hand coordination. It would be fun. I have never heard of a xylophone teacher or lessons but turns out there are lots of learning sites on line. Sounds like a great starting point.  I think I will ask Santa for a xylophone this year.

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