Summer Joy List

Father’s Day banana split

I happily announce that my son and I have found a good rhythm for our days. We are both happy, productive (enough) and not constantly at loggerheads. Our days are dare I say, pretty joyful.

So taking a page from “My Giant Strawberries”  here is my Joy List:

  • Homemade chocolate waffles with fresh strawberries
  • The two new swim shirts Santa brought me (so much better than my last one which stretched out horribly after a few weeks of wear)
  • 90° pool water on a 114° day (yes it really was 114° on the last day of spring and no that is not normal, even for Tucson!)
  • Getting in our outing last week before the really bad heat settled in.  We went to the park, Goodwill, Viv’s Cafe and the library.  I scored some good finds at Goodwill including an eight CD Christmas set and a lovely cardigan to give me hope for cooler weather (in like four or five months).
  • A good stack of library books
  • My hot pink toenails
  • Banana splits for dinner on Father’s Day (it was 114° afterall)
  • Rewatching the “Sex and the City” series from the beginning
  • A nice mix of comedies, dramas and war movies on the DVR
  • An exciting NBA Finals, especially game 7.  Congrats to the city of Cleveland, I am very happy for you.
  • And finally this cute little bin I bought at Target to organize clothes:
Everytime I open my closet door he makes me smile.


Hey, it is officially summer! Happy Summer Everyone!



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