Chicago: No Worries, Was Happy

Look, a flying penguin!

So, everything I worried about before the trip turned out to be non-issues.

Security at the airport,  a breeze.  We had the TSA pre-check because of my husband’s job so we got to skip the insanely long (despite it being 4:00am) regular security line and go through the no line at all pre-check.  We didn’t even have to take off our shoes and I did not set off the metal detector.

Getting from the airport to our condo, easy-peasy.  I wanted to arrange transportation beforehand but my husband wanted to wing it.  We ended up finding a shuttle at the airport and it was a reasonable $54 for the three of us. (It was almost 20 miles from the airport to the condo we rented.)

Using public transit, a piece of cake.  We rode the bus to the Museum of Science and Industry, easily arriving in time for our 10:00 a.m. Imax National Parks film and used the “L” to get to and from Wrigley Field with no issues.

I am a terrible packer.  I always want to bring some of everything “just in case”.  With flying that wasn’t practical and even though I checked the forecast I had no idea if I would have what I wanted to wear.  Turns out I packed perfectly, wore everything I brought and I was perfectly outfitted for the weather, the activity and my mood!  (We did laundry while we were there so I brought five outfits for eight days with mix and match possibilities,)

My biggest worry was about getting over tired or “over peopled”.  A lack of any solitude for eight straight days could be a real stressor for me, as well as being in many crowded situations.  Because I was smart enough (for once in my life) to monitor my own needs I was aware of how I felt and avoided any meltdowns.  For instance at Wrigley Field we opted to walk around the neighborhood instead of waiting with the crush of people for the gates to open.  We got to see some really interesting architecture and gardens and even popped into an open house just to see what the inside was like.

Our condo, fantastic!  Not fancy but better than a hotel and a perfect location just one block from the lake and two or three blocks from Michigan Ave.  Most mornings I got up first and used the shower and then  I could sit alone in the kitchen of our studio condo with my book and journal while everyone else got ready.  (Maybe I pretended a little bit that I was living there.)


The kitchen in the condo


The view out the kitchen window, love the ivy.

I ended up enjoying the trip much more than I thought I would.  Right before we left I had this sort of sucking it up for the family kind of mentality but once there, well, I have to admit I fell in love with Chicago!


Next Chicago Post:  Random Observations

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