I think there is something in the attic.

Sunday morning dawned cloudy and humid with sprinkles of rain. I took advantage of this unexpected weather to laze in bed awhile. As I was enjoying this rare treat I heard an odd scrabbling noise that sounded as if it was coming from above my bedroom ceiling. After a few moments I got up and checked my office in the next room thinking maybe it was the dog getting into mischief. But the dog was asleep in another room.

Going back to bed I heard the noise again.  It sounded a bit like something I had heard before, a bird clinging to the window screen.  It had been a small bird, it’s claws clasped to the holes in the screen and apparently trying to pry loose a bit to use in a nest.  After a minute or two they gave up and flew away.  This sounded much like that but louder.

That evening I mentioned the noise to my husband who didn’t seem very interested.  I went outside and looked above my bedroom window.  At the top of the roof peak and directly above my window was a vent for the attic.  I could see the screen covering the slat like openings and it appeared to be intact.

I went to bed that evening, tensed for fear of what I would hear.  Sure enough the same scrabbling noise in the same location.  I noted that I did not hear any type of scurrying on the ceiling above me.

I may need to explain about our attic.  It is more of a tall crawl space.  I had popped my head up there during our home inspection six years ago and hadn’t any occasion to look there since.  The access is just a small opening in my bedroom closet ceiling, neither convenient nor easily accessible.  There is no ladder built in as some homes have.  The joist are laid out in such a way that the space can’t be used for storage even if the opening was adequate.

As I laid in bed listening to what I presumed was a trapped animal of some sort I wondered what to do.  In order to access the attic,  shelves in the top of my closet would need to be moved, a task I could not do alone.  I decided to worry about it in the morning.

I fell asleep quickly only to be awakened an hour later by that same scrabbling noise.  As I listened some more I imagined it to be an owl, trying to exit through the screened vent.  But how did it get in?  Even if I could get to the attic hatch there was no way I could see myself opening it and then sticking my head through.  My sleep was restless the remainder of the night and I was happy to rise in the morning.  I did not hear any further noises but I did not linger to listen for any either.

The next evening I did not hear the noise.  I could think of two possible reasons and decided to believe the animal had escaped the same way it entered.  But maybe I will have my husband take a peek up there this weekend.  I suppose one (but not me) should inspect the attic on occasion as part of good home ownership?

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