The clouds from last week, now gone!


I haven’t felt much like blogging lately or even being on the computer at all. It is summer vacation and while it is not really a vacation for me I have decided I want it to feel like it is. My son and I need a rhythm to our days but not necessarily a written in stone routine.

Each weekend I make a suggested plan for the upcoming week in my bullet journal.    But I am free to ignore the plan if we find something more interesting or fun to do.  I have found if my son has too much free time he gets bored and all he does is watch tv or videos.  Too much planned time and he gets frustrated at not having time on his own. I think we are figuring out a balance of free time and planned activities.

I am also making my own goals and schedule more flexible for this month.  I need to.  I want to enjoy this time with my son.  He is growing up and our relationship is changing, as it should.  So I need to remain mindful that next summer will be completely different from this summer and enjoy our time together now.

This will be a short week for us with the 4th of July weekend spilling into the 5th for us.  Here is the plan for our three day week:

For learning time:

Drawing floor plans of our dream houses.  We are going to use 1″ = 1′ so he will get some math and measuring practice figuring out square footage etc.

I am going to attempt to teach him cursive writing since he will not learn that in school.  (They didn’t even teach him how to print properly.) He can already write his name in cursive and this week we will use a booklet I got at the Dollar store to start on the rest of the letters.

I am going to have him pick a famous person, do a little research and write down five facts. This will work handwriting, spelling and how to use the computer and possibly the library for research.

Our field trip this week will be a one hour program on art at the library geared for children. Since we are having such a busy 4th of July weekend I wanted to keep the running around to a minimum.

The rain has cleared out so we should be swimming all week and we’ll have to see what cleaning pops up.  Still hoping he voluntarily cleans up his room. Ha!

I am also thinking for the month of July instead of writing my regular posts I will try out the Wednesday HodgePodge.  I have seen it on a few other blogs and think this is an excellent opportunity to give it a try. Or not 🙂 .


Flying our new flag on the 4th of July.

Happy Summer everyone!!

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