Joy List

Catalina Mountains as seen from my new swing, aka my pretend front porch 🙂 .

Because of the looong holiday weekend I missed Wednesday HodgePodge. I will try again next week. And yes, I still have two Chicago posts to write. But not today. It is July and I am on vacation, sort of.
So instead, here is a list of what is bringing me joy these days:

Swimming – Like when I was kid.  I leisurely swim up and down the length of the pool luxuriating in the feel of the water and the movement of my body.  I don’t count laps or minutes, I just swim.

“Rogue Wave” – This is a game my son and I invented.  He floats around the pool in an inner tube pretending to take notes and make marine observations.  And then I, the “rogue wave”, “sneak up” and flip him over.  He loves this and making him happy makes me happy.  Plus it is a good arm workout.

Tuna fish sandwiches –  Yup, when I meal planned for the week I actually put sandwiches on the list for dinner. No guilt because I bought a loaf of the good rye bread.

The Hours Count” – By Jillian Cantor is the novel I am currently reading.  I love books that are fact based fiction.  I get to learn something and be entertained at the same time.

Sleeping – I have been sleeping great lately.  I think it is all the swimming plus getting in my 10k steps most some days.  (Well, I was doing really good before the holiday weekend and I am walking as I write this.)

Mother’s Day Swing –  I have been wanting a swing like this for a few years and this year I got one.  I LOVE this swing and even with the summer heat I use it most days.  I like to sit outside around sunset.  It is still hot, but bearable without the sun and if there is a breeze it can be quite pleasant. My son and I often sit there and read a chapter or two from our bedtime book.  I am finding this swing is a suitable substitute for a front porch (for now).


I love my new front porch substitute!


Lovin’ my Catalina Mountains and green grass view from my “front porch”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hope you are experiencing some July Joy!

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