Hello Again!



One good thing about living in the southwest is chrysanthemums can survive year round. I just keep it in the shade in the summer.

So I am back from my hiatus. Do I look different? Because I feel different. So how do you like the new format? I like most of it. I am not thrilled with the long list of menu items all in a row at the end. I would prefer two columns but not sure if I can make that happen though I will be looking into it.

Otherwise there was only one teensy problem with the theme conversion. The featured image. Because my last post didn’t have thumbnails  I have had to manually set one for each post. So I am doing ten a day until they are all done. Not difficult but time consuming and rather boring.

Over my break I spent some time thinking about my wants and needs.  I decided to drop all those things I feel like I should be doing.  I am better at listening to myself.  I dropped my all or nothing thinking.  Taking care of myself is not just about the physical side but the mental side.  Somedays I just need to do something that brings me joy.  I am getting better about finding balance in my life.

The funny thing is these changes have made everything easier.  I am again enjoying doing laundry, my daily swim and walking the dog.  I didn’t even mind dusting this week.  I am finding everything gets done (eventually).

I am thinking there will be more changes to this blog soon.  Less complaining and more joy lists. And starting a new feature, a weekly “Observations” post. Till then….

Happy Thoughts!


Sabino Canyon, AZ October 2012

Autumn is coming and that brings me joy!

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